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For those that build and built day tanks the Corhart AZS liner was an ideal refractory. It was long lasting, had only two seams, had no sharp corners, and was only 3 pieces as shown in the photos and diagrams. The center section came in 3 sizes so one could build a furnace of varying capacities. This liner is available once more and can be purchased through this web site. If you're interested in purchasing the liner contact me or download the pdf files found at the bottom of this page and E-mail your request to me. Please Include your shipping address and port of entry if you know it. The charges include shipping and delivery to your studio.

We can supply the Corhart design in 400 lb., 600 lb. and 800 lb. capacities
We can supply the Corhart design in 200 kg., 300 kg. and 400 kg. capacities
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We can also supply the following refractory materials:
Sintered AZS block
Sintered Zircon block
All edges are diamond ground to give a perfect seal.
If a day tank is your furnace of choice then an AZS liner is what you should be using.
When ordering keep in mind that these liners are made to order and there is at least a 12 week lead time.
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The AZS style Glass Tank is designed primarily for the glass artist who desires 400-600-800 lb. melts. The AZS family of shapes consists of end pieces and an 18" wide x 12" to 22" middle channel section with 2 joints. We can special order depths greater than 12 inches.

It is important to heavily insulate the AZS Glass Tank as part of the furnace design. This insulation not only saves energy (and dollars) but it also helps to dampen the effect of normal temperature fluctuations, thereby lessening the potential for thermal shock (cracking) of the fused cast material.

During the melting of your glass batch or glass cullet, we suggest several small charges rather than one large charge. This practice will dampen the severity of the temperature swings in the melter, and minimize the thermal shock to the refractories.

Tank depths greater than 12 inches can be supplied.

Position 1 is the end cap (101-8). In order to construct this furnace you will need two of these.
Position 2 is the center block and is available in three sizes. The photo above should give you an idea of how this liner is constructed.

The estimate of the glass capacity is based on soda/lime glass with a cu. ft. weight of 160 lbs. I have built 4 furnaces using this block and each lasted 7 years of continuous use in a university environment. The life expectancy of any furnace is dependent on a number of factors. The primary factors are: Type of glass used (batch or cullet), melting and working temperature, number of charges per week, how active your glass is (viscosity). Regardless, an AZS liner when used correctly will outlast any other type of liner.

Estimate includes shipping and delivery to your door. Contact me for a full quote. You are responsible for any and all custom charges.
Note: Estimates are free. Our estimate will include shipping and delivery to your studio. When requesting an estimate please include all that apply: Contact name, Studio name, School name, port of entry if known, address being shipped to.
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If you're thinking about picking up the block when they clear customs in order to save money, please keep the following in mind. These block are extremely heavy and they arrive on a pallet. Do you have a truck big enough to accommodate the pallet, does customs have a fork lift to put the pallet on your truck, and is your truck capable of handling the weight? Will customs release the shipment to you? My suggestion is to call ahead. This chart gives the dead weight of the block. Remember you'll need two (2) of the 101-8 block. If you answer no sweat to all of these questions then by all means knock yourself out. Personally I would spend the extra bucks and have it delivered to the front door of my studio but, hey, that's your call. In case you're searching for your calculator here is the weight of a furnace using 2, 101-8 and 1, 101-12, = 952 lbs
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AZS liner information for ordering.
Click to download the pdf file.
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How to build a furnace with the Corhart style liner.
Click to download the pdf file.
If the Corhart liner doesn't fit your needs I can also obtain AZS block of any dimension. Let me know what block sizes you need, quantity, and I will forward a quote to you. The standard delivery time from time of purchase is about 12 weeks.
Go to my Contact page to request a quote. If you wish to call to discuss your needs call me: 330.931.0874
Need help in designing a day tank?
If you need help in designing a day tank I might be able to help. Send an email with your basic plan or need and I will be happy to make suggestions.
The initial expense of an AZS liner is more than compensated for when you consider its life expectancy. Real world experience tells us that an AZS liner will last 5 to 7 years. The life expectance of any liner is also dependent on how many charges one makes per week. The life of a high alumina liner is at best 2 years or less if you melt batch. It should be noted that the AZS liner is not recommended for use in areas that have frequent power outages.
Please call if you have any questions. 330 931 0874. If I don't answer leave a message.

How to Calculate the Glass Capacity of a Day Tank

Length x Width x Height in inches.
Divide the answer by 1728 (cube root)
The answer is the dimension of your furnace in cubic feet.
Multiply the cubic feet by 160 (weight of soda/lime glass pre cu. ft.)
The answer is the capacity of your furnace in pounds of glass.
If you want the answer in Kilo capacity divide the pounds by 2.2

lbs./ft.³= 160
kg/m³= 2,562

AZS Day Tank