Stanislav Libensky & Jaroslava Brychtova
Voices of Contemporary Glass

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Stanislav Libensky
Pilchuck – 1987

© Photo: Henry Halem

The first video on the left, produced by the Corning Museum of Glass, gives the viewer an insight into the collaborations of this brilliant Czech husband and wife team. I am a great admirer of their work and enjoyed a warm friendship with them. The second video shows the intricacy of installing these massive glass sculptures. Their works are found in many major museums throughout the world. The Libensky/Brychtova web site will give you a decent view of their sculptures as well as the drawings that preceded the finished objects. The drawings reveal in detail Libenskys initial conceptualization of the sculptures. From the drawings Brychtova was able to build the clay models as well as collaborate on the final form of the work. It was to say the least, a true collaboration. A Google search will return many sites that have images of their sculptures.

This button will take you to the Corning Museum of Glass web page devoted to the Libensky's.
This button will take you to the Libensky/Brychtova glass sculptures page. If you want an idea as to the depth and breadth of their works click through to all the sculptures. The works are, IMHO, monumental.
Libensky-Brychtova Collaboration