Glass Notes

This is what the first iteration of what was to become Glass Notes. It was merely a Xerox copy of my handouts and sold to my students and others by Kinko’s. I received no money. Kinko’s got it all. Actually I never thought of charging money for my hand outs. If you look close at the cover the Royalty column is blank.
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First Edition

Glass Notes starts to look like a real book. Who’s that handsome guy on the cover?
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Second Edition

At this point the book begins to expand with info provided from many diverse sources. The spelling in the book was atrocious.
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3rd Editon

A little slicker but no improvement in the spelling. Was time to get an editor.
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4th Edition

Finally got it together and rewrote many sections, cleaned up the illustrations, added photos, and finally added an index. Oh yes, corrected all the misspelled words.
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