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This is the end of the line for Glass Notes. My sincere thanks to the 17,000 + folks that bought the book. Over the years many of you sent kind words about the book and how it has helped you build the studio of your dreams and for that I'm thankful. I set out to spread the word and I think, in no small way, I have. A special thank you to those that contributed information that graced the pages of the book. They are really the strength of what made the book so successful. Thank you: Harvey Littleton, Nick Labino, Dr. Frank E. Wooley, Pete VanderLaan, Mark Peiser, Dan Schwoerer, Libensky/Brychtova, Ann Robinson, Ed Francis, Rick Mills, Klaus Moje, Jeremy Lepisto, Alicia Lomné, Charlie Correll, Hugh Jenkins, John Chiles, Tom Ash, Fritz Dreisbach, Steve Abell, and finally to all those artist/crafts people that showed me their tricks of the trade. So, Glass Notes fades into the sunset and bids you farewell and hope you all continue to make great glass.

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Glass Notes 4.0
Fully illustrated chapters on batching, fuming, casting, annealing, fusing, pâte de verre, sand casting, and more. You will also find illustrated information on furnace heat recuperation written by the two experts in the field, Charlie Correll and Hugh Jenkins. Alicia Lomné has written a fabulous section on pâte de verre. Pete VanderLaan tells us how to batch glass and set up a batch room. Dr. Frank Woolley presents us with information on stress and what happens when glass goes bad and what caused it. If you're a sand caster I reveal a new trick on how to achieve clean glass surfaces. All the other sections have been rewritten with new and upgraded illustrations, charts, and photographs. Detailed illustrations on how to build day tanks, pot furnaces, annealing ovens, roll out oven, glory holes, a garage, a battery powered pipe cooler, a square glory hole, the ever popular HUB IFB glory hole, it's all there in this edition of Glass Notes. Find where to purchase tools and all sorts of materials for your glass studio along with web sites and e-mail contacts.
If you like the plans for the ultimate day tank in Glass Notes I have a page on this site that tells you where you can get the liner. AZS Day Tank Liner.
Some of the information you’ll find in Glass Notes
  • Pete Vanderlaan introduces you to batching your own glass
  • Glass Compatibility, Glass Colorants, Calculating Linear Expansion
  • Annealing Charts, Determining A.T., Controllers, Annealing Castings, Stress & Compatibility (Illustrated)
  • Casting, All Kinds of Molds & Mold Formulas, Sand Casting, Kiln Casting (Illustrated)
  • All About Refractories, Bricks, And Insulation (Illustrated)
  • Building All Types of Furnaces, Heat Recuperation (How-to Illustrations)
  • How to Build Different Types of Glory Holes, Fiber, IFB, Square Hole, Build A Garage (Illustrations)
  • Burner Systems, Flame Safety, Studio Safety, Exhaust Systems, Build to Code (Illustrations)
  • Building Annealers, IFB, Skamol Insulation, Large Roll-Out Oven, Electrical Information (How-to Illustrations)
  • Paté de Verre, a how-to by Alicia Lomne (Illustrated)
  • Fusing, a how-to by Jeremy Lepisto (With Charts)
  • Adhesives, Enameling, Scavo, Mold Separator, Fuming (Iridizing)
  • Color-Bar Breaker (How-to build illustrations)
  • Battery Powered Pipe Cooler, Benches, Calculating Make-Up Air (Illustrations)
  • An Extensive list of Suppliers of Materials and Equipment for the Glass Studio with Web sites

Not just illustrations but How-To Illustrations
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